Peruvian Pisco

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Product no.: 101

Pisco made of Quebranta grapes, the native grape of Peru. Banana flavors, motes of raisins anddried fruit dominate. "Pisco Quebranta Queirolo" is highly recommended for cocktails.

Les-Citadelles-Du-Vin-Burdeos-Francia  Golden-Alambique-Caracas-Venezuela  Bruxelles-silver2013  Concurso-Mondial-de-Bruxelles-Spirits-Selection  80-medalla_bronce_vino

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Product no.: 102

Pisco Acholado is distilled from four different pisco grapes: Quebranta, Criolla, Italia and Moscatel. An aroma of tropical fruits and flowers with an intensive taste ideal for long drinks and cocktails preparation, you can also enjoy drinking it pure.

Les-Citadelles-Du-Vin-Burdeos-Francia  Les-Citadelles-Du-Vin-Burdeos-Francia-plata

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Product no.: 103.03

Don Santiago Quebranta Mosto Verde is transparent and clean with hints of silver. The nose is elegant, with aromas of tropical fruits such as banana and mango, dried fruit and toast. The palate is structured but soft on the palate, long time.

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Product no.: 103.02

Don Santiago Torontel Mosto Verde is clean and transparent with good density. Elegant and delicate aromas of white flowers such as lavender and jasmine and fruit. Very nice and smooth, long aftertaste. Take slightly cold or in cocktails.


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Product no.: 103.01

Tropical fruits and green apples. Full-Bodied on the palate, gives a fruity and long aftertaste. Bottle Capacity 0.5 litre. Manufacturer: Bodega Queirolo


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Product no.: 105

Distilled from the Peruvian aromatic "Italia" grape.

Clear and bright, gives an explosion of floral aroma and tropical fruits, it gives an intense sweet aftertaste.

7kl. of grapes are used per litre.


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Product no.: 103.04

Mosto Verde produced from Quebranta grapes, distilled in Falcas and aged for 5 years in oak barrels.

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