Terms and Conditions

Contract Closure:

The products' presentation in the online shop does not represent any binding offer. After entering your data and clicking the "Confirm purchase" button, you will be vinculated to all the products added to the shopping cart. The products added to the shopping cart after the button "Confirm purchase" is clicked will be considered as another order. The purchase contract comes with our shipping confirmation. If you do not receive the shipping confirmation or the products you ordered in two weeks or less, you will no longer be bound to the contract.

Reserve products:

All products are our property until full payment is made. In the case of advance payments, the customer is compromised to pay the bill within 14 days after the products arrival, in case of default on payments, we reserve the right to charge you for the reminder.

If you buy products outside Germany, we will only accept payments in advance


Removing order

You have the right to quit from your orden within 2 weeks without giving any reason.

To exercise your right, you must provide us with a clear statement (eg. A letter sent by mail or e-mail)of your decision to terminate this agreement.

IMEX America E.K.
Gustavo Juárez.
Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
84556 Kastl
E-mail: gj@imexsuedamerika.de

You may also do this through filling a quitting form, but this is not mandatory.

It is enough to send us a letter in wich you express your right of quitting the contract before the time limit.

Quitting consequences

If you quit from this contract, we will refund all payments we have received from you including any supply costs (with the exception of any additional costs that you may have chosen through a different delivery service that is not offered by us) wich will be immediately pay up within fourteen days from the date on which the notification has been received about cancellation of this contract. For this cancellation, the same method of payment used in the original transaction will be used unless you explicitly agree to use another method; in any case, you will be charged fees for this refund.


Customer information:
Delivery is completed through a parcel service and usually arrives within 9 to 11 workable days (3-5 days within Germany), an exact time can be agreed with the parcel service. The customer must ensure that the package is received correctly; if no one in the intended place, a message should be left to a neighbor so he/she can receive the package. Delivery is return receipt requested. Our products are carefully packed before shipment. However, in case of discovering failures, please send the sample within 2 days of receiving the package, otherwise it can not be considered. In some special cases, we are willing to accept other payment methods than the ones we give to choose from.

Shipping cost:
Shipping + packaging of our products, only for Germany - 5.90 €
Free delivery from 12 products ordered.